Sewer, Gas & Water Line Leaks DETECTION MILWAUKEE

If your water bill is suddenly high, there’s a strange odor in the air, or you’re noticing wet spots in your house or yard, you may have a water, gas or waste leak on your hands. For affordable line leak detection and repairs, call Flow-Rite Plumbing of Milwaukee, WI. Our experienced plumbers have extensive experience fixing sewer, gas and water line leaks for residential and commercial properties throughout the Milwaukee area.

Signs That You Have a Waste, Water or Gas Leak

Different types of leaks have different symptoms. If you notice any of the following issues, be sure to call a qualified plumber as soon as possible — before a minor, messy leak becomes a major, dangerous one.

Water Leaks

Water line leaks may show up as wet cabinets, wet floors, pooling water or any other sort of loose water or water damage. While it may be easy to see the damage, it can be much more challenging to pinpoint the location of a leak to repair it.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks may show up as a hissing sound (as gas escapes from the gas line) or as the smell of rotten eggs (which is intentional — the smell is added to help detect gas leaks). If you suspect that you have a gas leak, it is imperative that you call a professional plumber immediately. Gas leaks can be life threatening.

Waste Leaks

Waste leaks and sewer line leaks may show up as slow drains, backed up basement drains, the smell of sewage, unexplained damage to floors and foundations and a host of other issues. If you suspect that you have a waste leak, it’s best to call a plumber — rats will often appear at the sight of sewer leaks.

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Sewer, Gas and Water Leaks

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