Gas Line Repair & Replacement in the Milwaukee Area

For fast, safe gas line repair and replacement, call Flow-Rite Plumbing of Milwaukee, WI today. Our experienced professional plumbers offer prompt, affordable gas line services throughout the local area.

How do you know if your gas line is broken or leaking? If there is a rotten egg smell in your house or you hear hissing, you may need to have your gas line fixed. A broken or leaking gas line from a stove or water heater can be extremely hazardous, and it can put your family and property at great risk. If you suspect that you have a gas line problem, it is vital that you contact a qualified professional who can safely inspect your gas line and advise you on how to test it. How urgently you need service will depend on the existence and severity of the leak.

Gas Line Replacement and Repair Services

As part of our gas line services, we strive to use high-quality products and components that will ensure safe, durable gas line connections. This includes using:

  • Flexible carbon steel gas lines that reduce the potential for gas leaks
  • Carbon steel that provides extra durability against the elements
  • Tracer wire to alert the gas company should a leak occur

When you choose Flow-Rite Plumbing, you can count on us to take the time to get it right.

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