There comes a time when every landlord or homeowner will need to hire a plumbing contractor. While there are always going to be general providers that offer different areas of plumbing services, a plumbing contractor does a wide selection of specialized services and can therefore be flexible when it comes to the needs of the customer. As a company that offers extensive plumbing services in Milwaukee, we can help you understand exactly what we do and what to expect when you hire an experienced plumbing contractor like us.

What a Plumbing Contractor Does

Plumbing contractors primarily are hired to install and perform repairs on residential and commercial plumbing fixtures. While general plumbers can and often do the same, a contractor has more training and skills when it comes to the various components of new construction. This gives them the ability to design full plumbing systems, lay out the new water supply, and route plumbing waste. 

Plumbing Repair Services

Full-service plumbing contractors can perform a wide range of repair services. What is seen most often in Milwaukee is the need to replace old piping and repair breakages from bursts that occur in cold weather. Plumbers are also often called to unclog temperamental toilets and drains, fix leaky faucets, repair garbage disposals, and replace appliances. Examples of appliances that a plumbing contractor replaces are:

  • Water heaters
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Tubs
  • And showers

Preventative Services

Professional plumbing contractors can also perform preventative services to protect a home or business from the need for future costly repairs. Regular inspections of your plumbing and sewage systems allow for minimal maintenance efforts that would otherwise become catastrophic if not handled in a timely manner. Examples of regularly scheduled maintenance that plumbing contractors perform are:

  • Inspections of all gas connections and the testing of emergency gas valves.
  • Sump, sewer, and laundry pump inspections.
  • Checking tanks and toilets for leaks.
  • Water heater inspections.

Plumbing Contractor Services in Construction

As priorly mentioned, plumbing contractors are the best people to hire to design plumbing systems for new construction projects. Whether it’s a remodel or a brand new building, the plumbing system is a volatile and essential part of the job and should be handled by an expert. An experienced and knowledgeable plumber will be able to follow local code requirements and water systems. Examples of construction services that plumbers provide are:

  • Figuring out where pipes should be laid and installing them throughout the building.
  • Connecting internal pipes to an external source like a water system or septic tank.
  • Hooking up plumbing fixtures like washing machines, sinks, tubs, and showers.
  • Installing external plumbing fixtures like toilets and faucets.
  • Handling gas lines for cooking and internal heating systems.

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