Sewer pipe repair is a major issue that requires immediate attention. Your sewer line has the job of moving grease, soap, and detergent through your plumbing system. If you have a broken or leaking sewer line, it needs to be addressed today, not only for your convenience but for the safety of your family.

Over time, pipes can become loose, corroded, damaged, and inefficient. And this is true for all water pipes, regardless of whether they’re made of CPVC, PVC, or copper piping. If you’re noticing any of the following telltale signs of plumbing degradation, professional water line or sewer repiping may be right for you: Discolored water (brown or yellow), Low water pressure, Extremely hot water when a sink is turned on or a toilet is flushed.

Any of these symptoms may signal that you need to have your water or sewer lines repiped. For fast, affordable sewer line and water line repiping services, call Flow-Rite Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers have extensive experience repiping copper, PVC, and CPVC pipes for homes and commercial properties. If you notice any issue with your sewer pipe, be sure to get to know these key reasons it is important to get sewer pipe repaired for your home.

6 Reasons to Get Sewer Pipe Repair

Keep Your Family Safe
Sewer lines transport toxic waste that is hazardous to your health. If your sewer issues have caused water to back up in your yard or in your bathroom, the physical health of people in your home is at risk. Sewage water contains bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Any exposure to sewage water could lead to diarrhea, cramps, and headaches. The longer you wait to repair your sewer, the worse the unappealing, disgusting problem may become. If you want to protect your family from this harmful water backup, you will need to engage in an emergency sewer repair.

Eliminates Slow Drain Problems
If you have clogs in your sewer line, your drains will slow down considerably. Although the clog might not completely block the flow of water in your home, it will slow the flow. You might need to wait minutes for your shower or sink drains to fully empty. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to excess water that will make your home more appealing to moisture-loving pests. With a sewer line repair, your pipes will be allowed to run free and clear. Free-flowing water will eliminate the pesky backups, the unseemly smells and will keep your home from unsightly water damage.

Environmentally Friendly: Preserves Landscaping.
Many homes and businesses have sewer lines running under beautiful and expensive landscaping. If you have roots in your sewer pipes or a broken pipe, there could be sewage spilling out into your yard, and in extreme cases, even spill out into your neighbor’s yard. But even worse, the leak will allow toxic sewage into your air. The smell, the potential landscape, and yard damage, along with the health hazards makes repairing your sewer line a top priority. An underground plumbing system is a web of water, sewage, and gas lines. Our sewer pipe repair technicians can complete the job in a streamlined approach with no risk of hitting another line and releasing chemicals or raw sewage into the environment.

Sewer line repairs and replacements can be an expensive plumbing problem because homeowners wait until it’s too late to repair their sewer lines. After all, they think, just how much damage can a small clog in the sewer line cause? Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is: one small clog can cause a real barrage of problems if not addressed immediately. Over time, the blockage will invariably get worse and could get to the point that water no longer flows through your sewer line. Without warning, the pipe could burst, spreading water and sewage everywhere. The repair job and the clean-up at that point won’t be easy or cheap. In order to prevent expensive repairs, get the pros to come and repair your sewer line as soon as you suspect a problem. Repairing sewer lines as soon as they are identified will save you significant time and money.

Let the Pros at Flow-Rite Plumbing Do Your Sewer Pipe Repair

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