Plumbing Repairs

Whether you’re dealing with a backed up garbage disposal, a leaky faucet or a full-blown plumbing emergency, the professional plumbers at Flow-Rite Plumbing will help you get your plumbing back on track. [read more]

Garbage Disposals

No one wants to deal with the hassle and stink of a broken garbage disposal. For quick, courteous professional garbage disposal repair and installation services in Milwaukee and the surrounding area, call Flow-Rite Plumbing today. [read more]


Over time, faucets can become stripped or worn, leading to leaky or dripping faucets. Worse yet is a broken faucet that sprays water uncontrollably or runs without stop, wasting water and incurring huge water bills. Don’t wait while a tiny leak becomes a major plumbing headache. [read more]